NanoJ-VirusMapper is a high-throughput, open-source ImageJ plugin for single-particle analysis in fluorescence microscopy, particularly super-resolution microscopy. It provides a platform for automatic statistical mapping of conserved multi-molecular structures, such as viral substructures or intact viruses. VirusMapper uses naive averaging to create models of the distribution of particular labelled species within larger structures.

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The proteasome controls ESCRT-III–mediated cell division in an archaeon
Gabriel Tarrason Risa, Fredrik Hurtig, Sian Bray, Anne E Hafner, Lena Harker-Kirschneck, Peter Faull, Colin Davis, Dimitra Papatziamou, Delyan R Mutavchiev, Catherine Fan, Leticia Meneguello, Andre Arashiro Pulschen, Gautam Dey, *Siân Culley*, Mairi Kilkenny, Diorge P Souza, Luca Pellegrini, Robertus AM de Bruin, *Ricardo Henriques*, Ambrosius P Snijders, Anđela Šarić, Ann-Christin Lindås, Nicholas P Robinson, Buzz Baum
Published in Science, August 2020 (see publication or preprint)
Research themes: Cell Division
Type: Paper
NanoJ: a high-performance open-source super-resolution microscopy toolbox
*Romain F Laine*, *Kalina L Tosheva*, *Nils Gustafsson*, *Robert DM Gray*, *Pedro Almada*, *David Albrecht*, Gabriel T Risa, Fredrik Hurtig, Ann-Christin Lindås, Buzz Baum, Jason Mercer, Christophe Leterrier, *Pedro M Pereira*, *Siân Culley*, *Ricardo Henriques*
Published in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, February 2019 (see publication)
Research themes: New Methods, Software
Type: Paper, Corresponding author