Pedro Matos Pereira

Super-Beacons and Beacon-STORM: a new generation of small tunable photoswitching probes and Super-Resolution approaches.
Started January, 2014; ended December, 2018
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I am a cell biologist with extensive scientific knowledge in microbiology, host-pathogen interaction and advanced microscopy approaches. I have over 10 years experience in scientific project design/management, undergraduate and postgraduate student supervision and writing/communication of scientific information to both expert and non-expert audiences. To attest to this I am lead author in several high profile publications with over 1300 citations (Google Scholar: dQvQ0AAAAJ), have supervised multiple Master and PhD students, and have been actively involved in several outreach initiatives (In2Science, ITQB-NOVA open day). I have served in several decision boards in Universidade Nova de Lisboa, University College London and the Francis Crick Institute where I have worked with academic, industrial and political partners to define scientific and institutional vision and impact strategies. Experience that has provided me with a comprehensive view about the scientific landscape. From a research point of view I have made significant contributions in the fields of S. aureus microbiology (e.g. discovering a link between peptidoglycan and wall teichoic acids biosynthesis), host-pathogen interaction (e.g. importance of autolysins for immune evasion, or the role of septins in the recognition of intracellular pathogens) and hardware and software technological innovations for microscopy (e.g. NanoJ-Fluidics and NanoJ-SRRF).

Research themes with our lab



Buzz Baum

Cell Morphogenesis Lab, University College London, UK

Eva Frickel

Host-Toxoplasma Interaction Lab, University of Birmingham, UK

Jason Mercer

Viral Cell Biology Lab, University of Birmingham, UK

Mike Heilemann

Single Molecule Biophysics, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Mark Marsh

Cellular Mechanisms of Virus Entry and Assembly Lab, University College London, UK

Musa Mhlanga

Gene Expression & Biophysics Lab, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Serge Mostowy

Cellular Microbiology Lab, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Publications with our group (see more on Google Scholar)

Nuclear pores as versatile reference standards for quantitative superresolution microscopy
Jervis Vermal Thevathasan, Maurice Kahnwald, Konstanty Cieśliński, Philipp Hoess, Sudheer Kumar Peneti, Manuel Reitberger, Daniel Heid, Krishna Chaitanya Kasuba, Sarah Janice Hoerner, Yiming Li, Yu-Le Wu, Markus Mund, Ulf Matti, Pedro Matos Pereira, Ricardo Henriques, Bianca Nijmeijer, Moritz Kueblbeck, Vilma Jimenez Sabinina, Jan Ellenberg, Jonas Ries
Published in Nature methods, October 2019 (see publication)