Romain F. Laine

Study of viral infection and development of optical super-resolution microscopy
Started December, 2017; ended September, 2020
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Overview: I am interested in developing and applying advanced microscopy techniques to decipher functional and structural organisation of life at multiple scales. For this, I develop analytical and optical tools. You can find me on Twitter (@LaineBioImaging), in the optics lab tinkering with microscopes or on my computer developing image analyses.

Background and how I ended up coming to the LMCB? French but I have been living in the UK for long enough to have forgotten how real buttery pastries taste like. I did my PhD at Imperial College in biophotonics (throwing lasers and microscopes at cells and molecules !), then moved to Cambridge for PostDoc to develop super-resolution microscopy (throwing more lasers and more microscopes at cells and molecules !). I now joined Ricardo’s lab and I want to exploit my microscopy skills to study more complex biological systems with my microscopy skills (throwing some cells at my microscope!).

Reason(s) that made me get into science? The idea (and ideal) of discovery!

Where do I see myself in 5 years? Head of my own lab, working on fast 3D microscopy to understand viral replication at cellular and sub-cellular levels.

Any hobbies? Capoeira and cooking ! (a well-balanced system of input and output of calories).

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Buzz Baum

Cell Morphogenesis Lab, University College London, UK

Bassam Hajj

Cell Organization Imaging and Control Lab, Institut Curie, France

Joe Grove

Grove Lab, University College London, UK

Johanna Ivaska

Cell Adhesion and Cancer Adhesion Lab, University of Turku, Finland

Jason Mercer

Viral Cell Biology Lab, University of Birmingham, UK

Mike Heilemann

Single Molecule Biophysics, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Mark Marsh

Cellular Mechanisms of Virus Entry and Assembly Lab, University College London, UK

Publications with our group (see more on Google Scholar)

Democratising deep learning for microscopy with ZeroCostDL4Mic
Lucas von Chamier, Romain F Laine, Johanna Jukkala, Christoph Spahn, Daniel Krentzel, Elias Nehme, Martina Lerche, Sara Hernández-Pérez, Pieta K Mattila, Eleni Karinou, Séamus Holden, Ahmet Can Solak, Alexander Krull, Tim-Oliver Buchholz, Martin L Jones, Loïc A Royer, Christophe Leterrier, Yoav Shechtman, Florian Jug, Mike Heilemann, Guillaume Jacquemet, Ricardo Henriques
Published in Nature communications, April 2021 (see publication)