We report the construction of the Sulfoscope, a heated chamber that enables live-cell imaging on an inverted fluorescent microscope. Using this system combined with thermostable fluorescent probes, we were able to image Sulfolobus cells as they divide, revealing a tight coupling between changes in DNA compaction, segregation and cytokinesis

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Live Imaging of a Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Reveals Distinct Roles for Two ESCRT-III Homologs in Ensuring a Robust and Symmetric Division
Andre Arashiro Pulschen, Delyan R Mutavchiev, *Siân Culley*, Kim Nadine Sebastian, Jacques Roubinet, Marc Roubinet, Gabriel Tarrason Risa, Marleen van Wolferen, Chantal Roubinet, Uwe Schmidt, Gautam Dey, Sonja-Verena Albers, *Ricardo Henriques*, Buzz Baum
Published in Current Biology, June 2020 (see publication or preprint)
Research themes: Cell Division, Microbiology, New Methods, Hardware
Type: Paper