Yue (Julie) Yuan

Understanding the dynamics and mechanisms of HIV-1 cell entry
Started September, 2017; ended November, 2021
Supervision: Prof. Ricardo Henriques, Prof. Mark Marsh, Prof. Dylan Owen, Dr. Romain Laine

Host receptor engagements is one of the first steps during HIV entry. There is still a lack of explicit knowledge on the precise stoichiometry of the virus Env-receptor interaction or of how flexible this might be for a successful fusion event, especially from the perspective of predominant viral target cells (CD4+ T cells). A better understanding of PM receptor distributions, and how this is modulated by the virus, is still required. I am aiming at characterising this dynamic process using Super-Resolution Microscopy on a single-cell level. We have successfully validated a pipeline to quantitatively analyse the topology of membrane receptors, CD4 and CCR5. Our next step is to investigate further what receptor topology makes a fusion-efficient by monitoring viral entry in living CD4+ T cells.

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Joe Grove

Grove Lab, University College London, UK

Mark Marsh

Cellular Mechanisms of Virus Entry and Assembly Lab, University College London, UK

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