QuickPALM is a highly popular software for Super-Resolution based on Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy. It was the first 3D open-source software in the field and still today one of the most highly cited. Developed by Ricardo Henriques during his PhD.

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Super-resolution fight club: assessment of 2D and 3D single-molecule localization microscopy software
Daniel Sage, Thanh-An Pham, Hazen Babcock, Tomas Lukes, Thomas Pengo, Jerry Chao, Ramraj Velmurugan, Alex Herbert, Anurag Agrawal, Silvia Colabrese, Ann Wheeler, Anna Archetti, Bernd Rieger, Raimund Ober, Guy M Hagen, Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Jonas Ries, *Ricardo Henriques*, Michael Unser, Seamus Holden
Published in Nature methods, May 2019 (see publication)
Research themes: New Methods, Software
Type: Paper