High-fidelity 3D live-cell nanoscopy through data-driven enhanced super-resolution radial fluctuation

Romain F Laine, Hannah S Heil, Simao Coelho, Jonathon Nixon-Abell, Angélique Jimenez, Tommaso Galgani, Aki Stubb, Gautier Follain, Siân Culley, Guillaume Jacquemet, Bassam Hajj, Christophe Leterrier, Ricardo Henriques (see publication in Journal )


In recent years, the development of new image analysis approaches has highlighted the possibility of recovering super-resolution information from short sequences of wide-field images. Our recently developed method, SRRF (Super-Resolution Radial Fluctuations), enables long-term live-cell imaging beyond the resolution limit without specialized hardware. Here, we present eSRRF (enhanced-SRRF), a significant improvement over our initial method, enhancing image fidelity to the underlying structure and resolution. Especially, eSRRF uses automated data-driven parameter optimization, including an estimation of the number of frames necessary for optimal reconstruction. We demonstrate the improved fidelity of the images reconstructed with eSRRF and highlight its versatility and ease of use over a wide range of microscopy techniques and biological systems. We also extend eSRRF to 3D super-resolution microscopy by combining it with multi-focus microscopy (MFM), obtaining volumetric super-resolution imaging of live cells with acquisition speed of ∼ 1 volume/second.